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Greenville County K-9 officer out of commission after biting teen

K-9 dog bites teen
Fox Carolina-Tamara Lykes

A Greenville County K-9 officer is out of commission after biting a teen, Fox Carolina News reported May 27.

The incident occurred Saturday night shortly after 11 p.m. near Hollis Academy, where a group of young me were playing basketball in the parking lot.

Several 911 calls came in about a large group of people gathering, and shots being fired from a vehicle on Goodrich Street. After that situation was taken care of, one of the officers responding to the call wanted to check with the young men to be sure no one had been injured and to ask them to leave the area.

A K-9 managed to jump out of the police vehicle when the officer stopped to talk to the group. The dog responded to the officer's order to stop. According to the officer, the men were asked to leave the area, but refused.

When the group became unruly and ran, the dog perceived that as a threat and chased after them. One young man was bitten by the K-9.

Tamara Lykes, the mother of the bitten teen, is upset about the incident. Tamara says her son suffered bite wounds to the buttocks and right arm. He was treated and released from the hospital, and is in a lot of pain.

Tamara verified her some was at the basketball court playing with his friends when the attack occurred.

The K-9 officer is on 'administrative leave' until an investigation is done in hopes police can figure out how the dog escaped the vehicle.

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