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Greensboro's Earth Fare offers nutritional and wellness services and products


The Health and Body Care Department is an important aspect of Earth Fare’s slogan -- “feeding and inspiring the healthy person inside us all.”

Health and Body Care Manager Liz Rodriguez
P. Wilder

Health and Body Care Department Manager Liz Rodriguez began her career at Earth Fare about five years ago.

“I always had a good diet, so when I started working here it was a good fit for me,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez didn’t begin her career as the Health and Body Care Department manager. Earth Fare encourages its employees to seek training programs in their passions areas, so Rodriguez sought out training to learn more about alternative natural remedies. As a result, she was able to obtain her managerial position.

Rodriguez is not a nutritionist, but at certain times during the week Earth Fare staffs the department with a nutritionist who answers questions, concerns, and gives suggestions about what products would help with a particular problem.

One of the nutritionists, Carol Cesare, even answered a question concerning a pet’s itchy skin. Animals, like people, have food allergies, and certain pet foods contain elements that can cause an allergic reaction.

Cesare explained that an all-natural pet food that does not contain the allergens would alleviate the itching, and she also emphasized eliminating “people” food from the pet’s diet.

Even though Cesare helps with pet questions, she primarily answers questions about vitamins, essential oils, nutrition, health, and gives suggestions of books to read that promote a healthy lifestyle.

“A healthy lifestyle means eating more fruits and vegetables, but it also may mean taking supplements,” said Rodriguez. “Many of our fruits and vegetables don’t have as many nutrients as they once did because of the depletion of nutrients in soils.”

“At Earth Fare we offer multi-vitamins, herbs, and body care products that support the healthy lifestyle we encourage.”

Often consumers don’t think about the adverse affects of body care products in the pursuit of a healthier life.

According to the Cancer Prevention Coalition, skin is extremely permeable, and any ingredient can be absorbed through the skin. Some chemicals penetrate the skin in significant amounts, especially components in facial makeup, because it is left on the skin for a longer time.

Rodriguez explained that Earth Fare’s body products and make-up are all-natural and do not contain the carcinogenic ingredients that make-up in other stores may contain.

“I try as many products as possible, so that I can give educated recommendations to our customers,” said Rodriguez. “I have been using all-natural body care for the last four years.”

“What I love most about working here is that I can feel good about the products that I sell to the customers.”

Earth Fare

2965 Battleground Ave.

Greensboro, NC 27408



  • Sheila 5 years ago

    I have never gone to Earth Fare though I've known about it for years. This makes me want to give them a visit.

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