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Greensboro church search - First Baptist Church at 1000 West Friendly Avenue

Building houses for Habitat for Humanity
Building houses for Habitat for Humanity

First Baptist Church, Greensboro is located at 1000 West Friendly Avenue, 27401. Sunday morning services include Bible Study at 9:15 and Worship Service at 10:30. Approximately 750 people attend on Sunday morning.

Christmas service 2009 at First Baptist Church
Charles Hartis

Many exciting things are happening at First Baptist Church. They have opened a homeless shelter for women and started an Upward Basketball ministry. They also witness in the community through Urban Ministry, Habitat for Humanity and other activities. asked Dr. Ken Massey, Pastor, how he would describe First Baptist Church to a visitor, either seeking Christ or new to Greensboro. Here is his reply:

"There are 7 yellow pages dedicated to churches in Guilford County, so if you’re new to our city, there are over 1,000 church options for you. I hope this description of our church will help streamline your search for a church home.

First Baptist is a church that emphasizes worship, spiritual development, fellowship and ministry to our city and our world.

  • On Worship: Most of the churches in this city do some form of contemporary worship which is one reason we do not. We use interactive and classic forms to help worshippers touch the transcendent and offer their best to God.
  • On Spiritual Development: We provide Bible Study and other learning and growing experiences for people of ALL ages.
  • On Fellowship: Other than food, our emphasis is on everyone being connected to a class or group that is caring, encouraging, playful and real.
  • On Ministry: Every believer is a minister and there are dozens of opportunities for various kinds of service through our church.

First Baptist Greensboro affirms the freedoms and confessions of our Baptist heritage but embraces persons from other Christian traditions. We value a centrist theology and the diversity that exists in God’s world.

We believe that Christian goals are only accomplished through the methods of Jesus, not partisan power. We value multi-generational relationships and open discussions about life and faith. We affirm that “the earth is the Lord’s” and therefore every person is a steward or manager of God’s creation. We function through methods of congregational governance so that there is great transparency in finance and other matters related to the priorities of the church."

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  • Sheila 5 years ago

    Thanks for this review. First Baptist is also kind enough to let Grimsley students use the building for their AP exams - very community minded!

  • Kim 5 years ago

    I am enjoying reading about the churches in the area. They all seem to have their own particulars in the kingdom of God.

  • Melanie 5 years ago

    Daniel attended preschool at fbc for 5 years, and I taught prescool here for 3 years. They have many good programs.

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