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Greenlee is waking up to the monster she has married

Greenlee and David, husband and wife, but not for long
Greenlee and David, husband and wife, but not for long

After months of walking around in a trance in which she married Dr. David Hayward (Vincent Irizarry) to spite Ryan (Cameron Mathison), Greenlee Smythe (Rebecca Budig) is beginning to show signs of coming back from the living dead.

In an effort to help Greenlee wrest Fusion away from her arch-rival, Erica Kane (Susan Lucci), David sabotaged Erica's plane, and now that Erica is missing, he is engaging in a cover-up to "buy some time." Twice this week David implored Greenlee to "trust me," a truly horrific thought. Greenlee is both furious and perplexed by what David has done; yet she is allowing him the time he is asking for to wait for news of Erica. In the Friday, May 28 episode David showed up at Emma's birthday party with two presents in hand, one from him, and one he claimed that had been left on the Chandler mansion doorstep. The second gift was from "Erica Kane." Greenlee took her husband into the vestibule and confronted him with the fact that he had brought the supposed gift from Erica, and he reiterated that he was just trying to gain a little extra time in his cover-up plan.

There was a distinct moment this week, though, when Greenlee recoiled at David's touch. We saw her flinch when he tried to draw her in close, and at that moment it was clear that the marriage is over. Greenlee also revealed in her actions that her feelings for Ryan are beginning to stir. When Ryan was accused by Jessie Hubbard (Darnell Williams) of possibly being involved in Erica's supposed skimming money from the Miranda Foundation for personal usage, Greenlee contacted Jessie and told him that Ryan could not possibly have been involved. Budig is an exceptional actress and watching her expressive brown eyes this week as the world has begun to come into focus for her has been a treat for AMC fans.

David has begun to show some desperation in trying to salvage a marriage that is already lost as well. Two weeks ago David unsuccessfully tried to blackmail Madison North (Stephanie Gatschet) into luring Ryan into a relationship to keep David's rival from winning Greenlee back. David knows that the magnetism between his wife and her ex-husband is a formidable force, and he is going to become more desperate to hold onto Greenlee as time goes on. The interesting complication here is that Ryan is slowly falling for Madison's vulnerability and need to be protected (the very thing that Ryan does so well for women). The story seems to be headed to a place where Ryan will think that he is in love with Madison just when Greenlee understands that she needs to be with Ryan. This story will make for very interesting summer viewing.