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Greenlee confronts Kendall about her near fatal accident on April 12

The gal-pals of AMC are back for a nasty confrontation
The gal-pals of AMC are back for a nasty confrontation

It is so good to have the feisty Greenlee (Rebecca Budig)  back with her best gal-pal, Kendall (Alicia Minshew). And, they are doing what they do best ---fighting. In this on-again, off-again friendship, the two young women rival for the affections of Ryan Lavery (Cameron Matheson) and that was part of the realization on April 12 when Greenlee confronted Kendall about her part in the Valentine's Day massacre on February 14, 2009. That was when an emotionally distraught Kendall accidentally swerved on the ice and hit Greenlee, who was fleeing from her wedding with Ryan, on Ryan's motorcycle. The accident resulted in Greenlee's supposed demise, and Kendall sought comfort in the arms of Greenlee's fiance, Ryan.

And that's exactly how Kendall explained it to Greens in the episode. Only, her confession sounded so hollow as she told Greenlee, "We were both grieving and we didn't know what to do." So, they slept with each other. Hah! I don't blame Greenlee for not buying it. After all, it wasn't the first time that Kendall went behind her back and slept with Ryan, also her former fiance. That pairing resulted in the birth of Spike, Kendall and Ryan's son. Kendall has betrayed her friendship with Greenlee over and over. Yet, somehow the two friends always get past it and reconcile for the sake of their joint company, Fusion.

It is going to take Greenlee a long time to get past Kendall's latest confession. After all, Greenlee pointed out bitterly that the motorcycle accident cost her a year of her life, not to mention it resulted in her marrying Dr. Dastardly Hayward (Vincent Irizarry) in an act of revenge on Ryan and all those others who had forsaken her memory in a matter of days. The question is, does Greenlee know what she is doing, or is she, too, walking around in a dreamlike state, still trying to process the betrayals? As this story unwinds, the good acting of Minshew and Budig should take us to unexplored territory as they figure out where their friendship should be and if they are married to the right men. With the news that Zach (Thorsten Kaye) is leaving Pine Valley, Kendall will be free soon to offer solace to the broken hearted Ryan, and a rekindled romance between them might awaken Greenlee's love for him . . . or Greenlee could decide that she is better suited with David and remain with him to wreak further havoc on Pine Valley.

Whatever the case, it is good to have the dynamic duo back in town. Life with Greenlee and Kendall always brings about fireworks.