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Greenland’s melting ice will be more substantial than expected

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New findings regarding Greenland’s icy formations have revealed that the ice melt will take a different, more destructive path than once thought. Deep canyons and valleys containing thick sheets of ice have been discovered below sea level, suggesting that as water levels rise to meet the glacial edges, the ice will melt more rapidly than previously expected and contribute even more greatly to the rising waters. Old topography results had once indicated that melting caused by the water levels would subside after several years, upon reaching higher ground, but the new research shows that this will not be the case. Furthermore, the long, narrow glaciers along the outer edges of Greenland were revealed in this study to be much thicker than surmised from previous research, and the amount of water they stand to release into the already rising sea is significant. The research was led by Mathieu Morlighem using new topography methods and the findings were published May 18, 2014 in Nature Geoscience.