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Greening the community on Halloween

pumpkins from the patch
pumpkins from the patch
JoAnn Fastoff

You already know my words: reduce, recycle, reuse. This Halloween try making some healthy changes (if only for Halloween) to help save the Earth.

1. Teach your kids not to litter. I remember how hard it was to keep from eating all my candy before I got home from trick or treating, but make sure your kids and your grandkids (and you) pick up your candy wrappers and throw them in the trash and not on the ground.

2. Instead of using paper, plastic bags, or those awful plastic pumpkin buckets (who thought of these?), use reusable bags. Of course my sisters and I used pillow cases and decorated faces on them. Not only were the pillowcases washable, but you could carry pounds of candy in them while comfortably slinging them over your back. OMG!

3. Candles always add a particular ghoulish and frightening look to Halloween, however, regular candles are made from paraffin and petroleum and release toxic chemicals from their smoke. This year try something different - soy candles. They will keep your lungs healthy, your house smoke-free, and they last longer because they come from soy bean crops.

4. Support local farmers by buying pumpkins from farmer’s trucks instead of the big stores. Here’s a website you can use to find places where you can even pick your own pumpkin –

5. It might sound disgusting but organic candy is all the rave on Saturn. Seriously folks, there are a lot of companies who make great tasting organic candy. You don’t have to take my word for it; feed your curiosity by trying the natural candy store at,  you just might agree with me. (BTW, don’t tell the kids it’s organic.)

6. Please don’t drive the kids around on Halloween unless you are going to a party. WALK! Not only will it save you money on gas, your kids will get exercise and so-will-you!

7. What to do with all that crap after Halloween? Compost it! Everyone knows compost creates excellent soil for your garden.

Reduce, recycle, reuse – it’s a good thing.




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