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Greenhouse growing with spot mixing

This months greenhouse planting research begins with ground cover plant mixture. Add a cap full of Fox Farm nutrient, 1 cup of Miracle grow soil and moss selected growing seeds and mix together. Set aside the mixture, now you will begin an easy project that can add beauty to your garden.

Take 1 garden paver mold, choose the design broken effect. Take one bag of concrete. Add concrete coloring, follow instructions to desired color. Mix and add to mixed concrete. Mix well and add to paver mold. Let stand to desired dryness. When done remove from paver mold and prepare.

About 12 paver molds to be completed. The greenhouse growing of the broken effect moss is the ground cover plants that you will begin in the greenhouse. The ground cover when ready will have a moss-look but very strong ground cover. This will be worked around the completed pavers to create a real forest nature outdoors look.

Finished projects of the garden pavers will save you money and the ground cover worked in around the pavers will also save you money. Greenhouse projects can increase the backyard accent to a nature look, a modern miniature flower look, a fruitful look, and even a splender-plant look.

The paver walk will accent any garden entrance or you can center it in your backyard for a look to add for you fire pit table or a patio table. You would just need to increase the paver mold counts to the desire square feet you need. The ground cover moss will still add to the paver walk if increased to this, just add in between the pavers.

Watch the great video on growing tropical plants.

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