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Greenfield Village farmers market

The Firestone Farm in 2010
The Firestone Farm in 2010
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Well folks, the fall is finally arrived. What better way is there to celebrate the oncoming of the harvest season by enjoying fresh, locally grown products? This coming Saturday, October 2nd, you can do just that at the Greenfield Village farmers market.

Many people visit the Village during the summer, when vacation season is at its peak. However, with the arrival of the fall season comes a change in village activity: crop harvesting. Greenfield village grows a number of different products, some of which are simply to feed the livestock they raise. Others, however, are fit for human consumption, such as items from their small stand of fruit trees. The village comes alive in this season as the staff harvests these crops in a traditional manner consistent with the periods they represent.

In this spirit the Village will be holding a farmers market this Saturday. Open for business during normal operating hours, it is free with admission. For sale will be a variety of natural foods. For baking there will be locally raised grain, as well as packaged baking mixes. Also, handcrafted foods from the Greenfield Village Herb Society will be for sale. For those who love their seasonal fruits, vegetables, and other such items, produce such as pumpkins, honey, apples, and much more will be available for purchase.

This event is rain or shine, but the current forecast calls for a pleasant weekend, weather- wise. So make time for some fall festivities and a selection of wholesome foods and stop by!