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Greener Grass

Photo by Kraig Boysen

So many times in life things appear to be greener on the other side of the fence.

We've often been told that looks can be deceiving and things aren't always what they appear. This in fact, can be true.

Although, as adults we have learned we have to pay attention to the grey areas, read the small pint and look between the lines~there is something called "trust".

First, there is the simple trust which we give to another human being, when relationships develop and friendship blossoms as we find out that we indeed can confide in someone else and it will go no further. Its the gift we give another, when we demonstrate that we will do whatever we say we will do.

There's an undeniable bond which forms when we ourselves witness the transparency of another.

When we know that what we are seeing is the real deal, we open our arms, our heart and our lives to the individual who offers the kind, gentle reassurance that they will be there for us, when we call for them.

Not unlike the trusting love given to a small child by an adoring grandparent or caregiver, this unwavering love is accepted without exception.

Once trust is truly established in any relationship, it can and will grow. We learn through experience that our lives will steadily be enriched by the foundation which has been built uniting two souls.

Next, there is one more relationship which is found between an individual and the Trinity. This too will be a friendship based on trust. The trust and comfort we will come to know as we lift our burdens up and pass them over to Jesus.

In this friendship we come to know the numerous times our Father has our back. We begin to recognize His divine intervention on our behalf.

We learn we can go to Him whenever something ails us or with any concern. We discover He wants us to turn to Him continuously~He's our friend, He wants to take care of us. He wants us to be happy and to keep us from harm.

From the secular world peering over the fence to the spiritual world of Christianity~yes, indeed, the grass is greener on our side of the fence.


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