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Greene County Soil and Water Conservation District renews agreement

Services available to Greene County Residents and Businesses
Services available to Greene County Residents and Businesses
Photo provided by Flicker, Christoph Rupprecht

Since 1944, the Greene County Soil and Water Conservation District has been working diligently with Greene County Departments to ensure safe quality of drinking water, erosion control, and conservation education, assisting with land development, forestry and wildlife management, as well as designs of drainage, flood plains, soil issues and aerial maps. District Administrator, Don Leeds went in front of the Sugarcreek Township council members to renew their agreement with the Township to continue their extension of services.

The Greene County Soil and Water Conservation District is governed by five supervisors who have been elected by the members of the organization. With the help of a large staff, the department is available for many services but also to assist Greene County departments. The most recent project involves an issue in Deerfield Estates. Two houses are currently under construction and may have an issue with flooding. The department is also assisting in another development where an issue with leech fields in Carpenter’s Creek.

“If Ohio doesn’t clean up its act, we will,” said Leed.

The Greene County Soil and Water Conservation District is offering many programs to help the environment. They recently offered as many free seedling trees and bare rooted shrubs to Greene County residents. This month, they will be offering a Tire Amnesty Collection program on May 27 and 29. During the Tire Amnesty Collection days, the department will accept drop offs of any car and light weight truck tires for $.50 a tire. They will also accept tires from semi-trucks for a small fee of $2 or any agriculture tires for $5 a tire. Accepted tires can be off or on the rim. This program is only available for Greene County residence or Greene County landowners. Registration is required prior to the event. The drop off location is scheduled for the Greene County Environmental Services Department located at 215 Greene Way Blvd., Xenia. Visit the website at

“We get calls from neighbors, mostly farming neighbors where one farmer is spreading something debatable and we have been asked to come in a try to control the situation,” Leed said.

The Greene County Soil and Water Conservation District teams up with departments such as the County Commissioners, NRCS, County Engineer, Regional County Coordinating Committees, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, EPA, the Greene County Health Department, the Department of Transportation, the Townships and landowners including farmers. They have also assisted the park districts and Garden club in their efforts at providing and installing rain barrels. They have assisted Xenia is in replacing trees around the administration building that were lost during the past tornado.

The department also conducts aerial photographs of the Greene County land every ten years. This provides landowners a more detailed description of land should they decide to build or dig on their land. The aerial photographs are dated back since 1940. So, if building, the landowner can go back to see if there was a gas station or water well or other previous buildings on the property. The department also provides water testing for area wells, as well as other things. They assist with drainage and soil erosion problems and concerns.

Keep the Greene County Soil and Water Conservation District in mind when finding area events. Their calendar of events covers the Greene County Area at

Like many organizations, they are always looking for individuals who have a passion for soil erosion, water conservation, etc. Should you be interested in becoming part of this important organization, contact Don Leeds at (937) 372-4478 ext. 3.

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