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GreenBot is your one stop for everything Android

GreenBot has all of your Android information
GreenBot has all of your Android information

It's all Android at,

IDG Consumer and SMB, the tech home of lifestyle brands Macworld, PCWorld and TechHive, have now announced the launch of Greenbot. GreenBot will tell the story of all things Android, and could grow into the premier resource for Android users, when it comes to information on hardware and apps.

“Our mission is to become the number one site for tips on untangling new Android features,” said Greenbot’s Editor-in-Chief Jon Phillips. “We will provide careful analysis of the news of the day, along with productivity-boosting tips and sensible product reviews. Greenbot will appeal to passionate, enthusiastic Android users who are looking for more sophisticated I recontent than what’s available on most niche Android sites.”

IDG Consumer and SMB have a history of developing brands that reach audiences on specific platforms. Their combined sites have around seven million monthly unique visitors. Recently they have realized how important Android is to smartphone and tablet users around the world.

Thanks to Samsung, Motorola, and other smartphone makers, the Android operating system has taken flight, and it won't be slowing down any time soon.

GreenBot is the one stop you need to make when you have Android questions and seek thorough answers.

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