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Greenacres offers up nourishing food and so much more


grass -fed beef 
At a time when much of the food available at your local grocery store is suspect, finding a farm to buy local, fresh, clean, high quality food is priceless.   From the beginning, Greenacres Farm has been operated as an environmentally sensitive and sustainable farm.
Greenacres Farm was created in 1949 by Louis and Louise Nippert. The Nipperts assembled their farm from several adjacent tracts of land, totaling nearly 600 acres. Mr. Nippert converted the farm from a grain operation to a cattle farm, recognizing that years of growing grain had depleted the soil. He created lush pastures and introduced registered Black Angus cattle to graze and naturally fertilize the pastures.
A visit to the farm is so much more than a grocery buying experience. The education obtained at every visit is worth the trip even if Greenacres doesn’t happen to be in your neighborhood. The connection one feels to the land and the environment is second only to the flavor and nutrition one gets from the food consumed straight from the farm. It’s also comforting to know that local schools are giving back to the community while receiving an invaluable experience by working in the gardens.
fresh picked produce
fresh picked produce

Greenacres has been selling its farm products, which includes grass-fed beef, lamb, pastured poultry, seasonal fresh produce, free range eggs and raw honey, to the community since 1996. You can purchase Greenacres farm products in the store located at 8255 Spooky Hollow Rd. in Indian Hill, OH Monday through Friday from 8:30am -5pm. Call ahead 513-891-4227 to have your order ready when you arrive or if you have questions. 


fresh cage free eggs
fresh cage free eggs

And while the food is delicious and sustainably grown, it’s not all about food for the Greenacres Foundation. They are involved in many other things that make the community a better place including the arts and equine education. Check out the many programs and summer camp opportunities while you are there. There is not a lot of farm product information on the website, however once you have asked to be added to the Fresh Email st, you will get timely updates about the availability of fresh chicken, turkey, beef, eggs and produce.