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Green Your Client Connections

Yesterday I had the honor of attending the Fireside Chat of the National Speakers Association at Lake Sherwood Country Club.

The speaker that led the chat was Jim Cathcart. He is a renowned International Speaker and Author.

There were many speakers that attended that have been on the National Speakers Circuit for many years.

In business we are always trying to re-invent ourselves to be current and relevant to our clients. Sometimes the old ways we used when we first got started in business are great to go back too and re-visit today.

Terry Paulsen, a well known psychotherapist and speaker spoke about how in the beginning of his career he worried less about the contract and more about the contacts. In today's media overloaded world we became so enamored with the social networking highway that we have lost the touch of giving back. For our clients today we need to build bridges rather than tap dance around how great we are.

Years ago, business was done on a handshake. Today, page and pages of business contracts that take hours to read are presented to the client. Today, most consultants won"t talk to the client without an initial fee, even for the first visit. We used to do work for hours just to show the client how good we were.

Often times our needs as a consultant are put before the clients needs. Questions that should be asked are: What's New?, What's Next? and What's Needed?

Life is a journey and unless we can be vulnerable and share our knowledge with the client at a gut level, and listen to them from our feelings and discipline, we may turn into a robotic society.

So, those who came before us who used integrity in business need to be applauded.

Remember..Take more Blame and Less Credit. Humble is good.

As always take care of our environment.


Eileen Gould


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