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Green tea may lower pancreatic cancer risk

Green tea for good health!
Green tea for good health!
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There has been a lot of discussion in recent years about the refreshing feelings which may be gained from drinking green tea. There has also been a great deal of talk about the possibility that drinking green tea may lower the risk for many types of cancer. New research explains how green tea could reduce pancreatic cancer risk reported the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute on May 30, 2014.

This research offers an explanation for how green tea may lower the risk for many types of cancer which may help give a boost to cancer-fighting research. It has been reported in this study that EGCG, which is the active biologic constituent in green tea, changed the metabolism of pancreatic cancer cells via suppressing the expression of an enzyme associated with cancer, LDHA.

Wai-Nang Lee, MD, corresponding author of the study, said this study shows that scientists can change the metabolic system and have an impact on cancer. By offering an explanation of how green tea’s active component could prevent cancer this study will open considerations for an entirely new area of cancer research and help us understand how other foods may prevent cancer or slow down the growth of cancerous cells.

The results of this study have suggested that phytochemical EGCG and LDHA inhibitor oxamate confer their anti-cancer activities via disrupting the balance of flux which is seen throughout the cellular metabolic network reports Matabolomics. Flux is defined as the rate of turnover of molecules through a metabolic pathway. It appears enjoying some green tea daily could have dramatic effects on your overall health. The reduced risk of pancreatic cancer is of keen interest due to the often deadly nature of this type of cancer.