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Green tea beauty benefits

Green tea isn't just for drinking!
Green tea isn't just for drinking!
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Green tea is so versatile! There are few things it can't do. Why not use green tea to stay young, healthy, and beautiful for years to come? It's certainly a natural choice. Green tea has been proven to slow the aging process with powerful antioxidants. Green tea uses those antioxidants to fight the free radicals responsible for premature aging. However, that's not all it can do.

Free radicals have also been known to cause cancer, heart disease, and arthritis.

Green tea keeps you young and beautiful by fighting these diseases which cause stress on the body.

Shed extra weight and feel like a beauty queen.

Green tea is an unstoppable weight loss tool. It flushes toxins from the body and speeds up your metabolism so that it burns calories faster. It has also been shown to lower cholesterol.

Foot odor is anything but beautiful.

Use green tea to stop foot odor and as an anti-fungal foot soak. Soak feet in brew made with 1 cup green tea leaves and 1 quart of water. Do not rinse. Pat dry.

Green tea can be used to deodorize shoes.

Fill two old socks or nylons with the leaves and place in shoes overnight to absorb odor. Beautiful.

Brewed green tea makes an excellent astringent for beautiful faces.

Antioxidant power works topically on youthful beauty and as a gentle cleanser.

The antioxidants in green tea fight acne breakouts and keep acne from returning.

Apply brewed green tea with a cotton ball twice a day. Do not rinse off. You'll be blemish free in no time.

Keep your mouth healthy by gargling with green tea.

It works on mouth odor and prevents plaque by keeping microbes from sticking to teeth.

Give yourself a beautiful smile.

Make a strong tea. Mix it with baking soda for use as a toothpaste. Drinking green tea after meals keeps teeth clean and white.

Pamper your beautiful face.

Make a soothing face mask with ease. Combine a few tablespoons of mashed avocado with one tablespoon of green tea leaves. Apply gently to face. Take care to avoid eye area. Rinse off, then pat dry and moisturize.

There are green tea lotions currently on the market.

Make your own by combining finely ground green tea with cocoa butter. Use a flour sifter to grind the tea. It may take several turns to get a fine powder.

Lessen scars and promote beauty.

Green tea has antiseptic properties. Wet tea bags soothe minor cuts and scrapes and to help prevent infection. It will also cool your sunburn. Brew it and put it in a spritzer bottle.

For beautiful eyes place cool, wet bags of the green stuff directly on your closed eyes.

This will remove any puffiness or swelling.

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