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Green spotlight on the water bottle solar light

In 2002 Alfredo Moser, a Brazilian mechanic, had an actual light-bulb idea. He came up with a way to illuminate his home, or any building, during the day using plastic bottles filled with water and two caps full of bleach. The bleach limits algae and bacterial growth in the water.

When the bottles are installed in the roof, half above the roof and half in the room, and sealed with resin, free sunlight hits the bottle and refracts to light the room. This green spotlight column is about a green spotlight.

Moser does install the lights for others for a small charge. He also gladly gives the idea away. This simple light has brightened the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the planet.

In the Philippines, the idea has spread with over 140,000 homes fitted with Moser lamps. More than 15 other countries are known to use the lamps including Fiji, India, Argentina, Tanzania and more. If you know a kid making a fort or tree house, you’ll want to help them install a Moser light. This is a great green and frugal idea.

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