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Green skincare and children: the basic biology

Sara Khan
Sara Khan

Infant and young children need proper skin care too. Typical LA women are just as concerned for their young ones as they are for themselves. Rightfully so, there are notable differences in skin conditions between adults and young children. Some are quite enviable. Baby skin is especially soft and supple. Skin will never quite again have the glow and radiance these little angels are born with, and they don’t even know it!
However, there are certain drawbacks to even this almost ideal skin. Accumulated effects of the suns are especially harmful to infants and young children’s vulnerable skin. Children are more susceptible because of lower melanin levels present in the skin, thinner outermost layer of epidermis and smaller skin cells. Therefore, sun exposure should be kept to a minimum for infants. Younger children should not go out in the sun at peaks hours. Most importantly, emphasis on sun-screen should begin sooner than later. Practice the preaching and make sure to lather up on sunny days and even on cloudy days!
Another difference is in the subcutaneous fat layer, located just below the superficial skin. There are more forms of saturated fats like esteric acid. In contrasts, adults have greater amount of unsaturated fats. Baby fat, therefore, freezes at higher temperatures. Panniculitis, and possibly fat necrosis, are eventual outcomes if the baby is exposed to extreme temperatures in any sort of way. This includes simply eating chilled food, like popsicles and ice-cream. Inflammation usually resolves on its own, though sometimes systematic agents may be needed.
Finally, children are susceptible to a host of different skin diseases and infections. Familiar conditions or nutritional deficiencies can cause a host of new problems to skin conditions in infants and young children. Even bacterial, parasitic or viral infections show up and effect the young, especially infants, in new ways because of the differences in pathology.
Despite the health and beauty associated with skin from the very start of life and first few years, special precautions and concerns must be taken in persevering it. Maybe, if fortunate, more of that youthful skin will make it to the future.