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Green scene at Patio Imports in Greenville SC

Patio Imports in Greenville SC is a good source of rain chains, birdhouses with living roofs, fountains, statuary, pots, stepping stones, benches and tables for garden areas.
Patio Imports in Greenville SC is a good source of rain chains, birdhouses with living roofs, fountains, statuary, pots, stepping stones, benches and tables for garden areas.
Kathleen Story

After designing and building a healthy and environmentally-friendly home, do not neglect the outdoors surrounding it. There is something especially inviting and comforting about gardens embellished with pathways, statuary, water features, birds and butterflies among unusual colorful plantings. Patio Imports in Taylors, South Carolina is a good source for materials and ideas as seen in the attached pictures.

Rain chains are an old Japanese technique for moving water off a building's roof in place of conventional downspouts which are not as visually appealing. Suspended from the gutters, the chains attract rain water which clings to them as it falls down either into a pipe in the ground or a rain barrel. The water is diverted away from the building to protect the foundation and basement. The best method is to collect the water in rain harvesting barrels or cisterns for later use in watering the garden. View rain chains at work on the back of the Patio Import building.

Choose from the collection of 7 vibrant colors of bird houses with living roofs at Patio Imports. Different sized holes attract various bird types. Put soil and plants on the top of the bird houses to keep temperatures down while absorbing greenhouse gases and as a place for birds to comfortably perch.

There are all sorts of pots of various sizes, colors and finishes for container plantings. Grow fruits, vegetables and herbs in pots even if you have no appropriate garden space. Patio Imports has strawberry jars for growing strawberries. Some of the pots have natural stone or tile exteriors that fit in better with natural gardens than toxic plastic and resin pots. Scattered throughout are some most unusual plants like the pitcher plants and vines to fill the pots and planters. Some pots and masonry can be custom finished.

Add benches, tables and chairs or even lounge chairs as places to enjoy the outdoors in solitude or for sharing with friends. Pergolas and columns are available for adding shade or privacy areas, especially in settings where shade trees are non-existent or for outdoor living area extensions.

Fountains come in all sizes and shapes and can be attached to walls or free standing. The babbling brook sound of the fountains is restful and moisture provides cooler temperatures. Delivery and set up is offered with the fountains with explanations on how to care for them through colder temperatures.

Be sure to walk around the back deck and enjoy the koi pond with its waterfall, water plantings and huge fish. If there is a place in your garden where you would like a similar feature, ask for the card of the expert artistic young couple who designed the pond at Patio Imports. They can help with other landscaping ideas as well.

Check out the various themed stepping stones for adding walking trails and even fake boulders for stairs in your garden. Something like the chimp in the chair is a unique conversation piece, but there are other smaller, and larger, critters of all types like rabbits, frogs, gators, horses, turtles, gnomes, fairies, butterflies, and lizards to add focal points and color. They make great gifts and are popular for Mother's and Father's Day.

Visit Patio Imports at 3121 Wade Hampton Boulevard, Taylors, South Carolina 29687. They are on Facebook and their telephone number is 864.244.2110. Email owner Neil Story at Look for the life-size horse out by the road.

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