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Green Party wants Black Friday to be green

Why Not a Wooden Puzzle This Year?
Why Not a Wooden Puzzle This Year?
Wooden Puzzle from AllProducts

According to the Independent Political Report, the Green Party wants Black Friday to be green. What this means for us green people out there is to skip Big Box stores and buy from locals and purchase green gifts.

The National Green Party also suggests visiting local arts and craft holiday events as well as browsing their website to purchase green products all made here in the USA. Each product the Green Party sells from their store helps to support Green Party efforts and candidates.

Should we skip the DVD players, the enormous flat screen television sets, and the Playstations?  I suppose that depends not only on how green you are but where you want your dollars to go.

Not one of my television sets is made in the USA and that's disappointing to me. When I purchased my last TV set, the sales guy told me the US doesn't make a good television set. While I don't know this for sure, it does give one pause.

I think a good New Year's resolution for me would be to try and buy things that help my local economy, farmers, and are made in the USA. I also like the idea of wearing a T-shirt from the Green Party.

This Holiday Season, don't just think green, buy green gifts. Skip the plastic toys and steer clear of electronics that will keep your kids indoors.

Yes, the Green Party wants Black Friday to be green, but without our help, they won't have much success.

Visit the Green Party Store or choose some great green gifts this year from the Green Gift Guide!