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Green Oceanside holds Earth Festival

CIty of OCeanside (graphics); Adam Benjamin (layout)
CIty of OCeanside (graphics); Adam Benjamin (layout)
Green work educatiing citizens during Earth MOnth built up to a festival level on Sunday in Oceanside.

Sunday, the Green Oceanside team took over the north county city's streets near Pier View Way and Tremont Street and filled the streets with eco-riendly education booths and events. The Earth Festival, from 10 am to 5 pm, gaves locals, and visitors, an opportunity to "learn to be a better steward of the planet."

Volunteers joined the City of OCeanside team to help set up and break down the event grounds. Street locations designed to "have something for everyone" lined up opportunities to see an environmental demonstration and see how to green the home in a green home improvement area. Children had their own eco-friendly zone used to enjoy eco-friendly activities.

Beating old limits on using water efficiency and recycling makes work at Green Oceanside non-stop during the year. Earth Month has been a time to put extra work into enlisting citizens to do green work.

Education on green practices joined the volunteers an street visitors together at booths the vendors staffed on SUnday. Eco-friendly vendors gave volunteers more work on green advoacy to do.

The largest Earth festival in San Diego COunty counts as day work in OCeanside's green plan. City workers at Green Oceanside regularly stay on hand to send out information on zero waste and water conservaton to citizens using the mobile Green Oceanside app available free at Apple and Android sites. Real time socail media updates detail the news.

App users can even send in their favorite photo taken at an Oceanside conservation moment.

The possibilities to participate in the green movement in Oceanside continue to grow. In Fall 2014, the Green Oceanside Business Certification Program starts off.

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