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Green news: Consumer shift increases toward solar as preferred renewable energy

Mike Horn, a great modern day explorer notes alarming changes in our environment. The future of our planet is our youths hands. If properly educated, they can save and sustain our world for generations to come. iLAND provided solar equipment.
Mike Horn, a great modern day explorer notes alarming changes in our environment. The future of our planet is our youths hands. If properly educated, they can save and sustain our world for generations to come. iLAND provided solar equipment.
iLAND Green Technologies

More and more people are shifting to renewable energy including the often cloudy state of Iowa who anticipates shifting to using more solar power than the mostly sunny state of Florida as explained in an article dated January 31, 2014 in the Des Moines Register.

With the world shifting to green renewable energy, there is a larger focus on solar power. Large installations of solar power plants are cropping up in various desert locations in the United States.

While these solar installations offer renewable energy for thousands, they are very costly to build and the general public could see some of those costs in their utility bills.

As incentive to shift to solar energy, tax credits were created for consumers who install solar energy devices in their homes. The federal consumer tax credits are set to expire on December 31, 2016. With the interest leading in that direction, more consumers are adapting solar as a clean, renewable energy source.

One solar solutions company, iLAND Green Technologies (iLAND) designs solar chargers, solar generators and integrated solar power solutions. Their extensive research and knowledge is focused on creating solar-powered generator replacements for fuel generators to reduce the carbon footprint and encourage sustainable renewable energy. They hold worldwide patents on several innovative products which found practical uses in military, civil defense, search and rescue and rural electrification and water purification projects. The U.N. and the Red Cross use these products. Their company also inspires on a smaller scale by offering portable solar chargers and generators for outdoor activities where power is limited.

Their affordable solar solutions are easy to install. Portable solar panels that resemble fabric awnings can be set up almost anywhere. This solution is ideal for remote locations without power and for residential homes, warehouses, recreational vehicles and other buildings or installations.

Traditional solar panels require a 30 degree angle, a reinforced roof and can be expensive to install and maintain. Traditional panels get extremely hot and lose efficiency. iLANDs flexible solar panels only weigh a few pounds and can be laid flat or put at any angle and still generate electricity even on cloudy days.

In addition to having an affordable initial cost and an easy installation, if a building installs and runs this technology year round there are basically no electrical costs. Any additional power reserve is fed back into the grid.

ILANDs technology doesn’t stop there. They have devices for several uses. Small portable tube devices that fit in a backpack are water, shock and dust resistant and provide power to users in remote locations. In minutes a campsite can be set up to power lights and laptops, recharge cell phones and other electronic equipment.

ILand’s tube inspiration all started in a garage with the idea to provide hope to the people living in Morocco that have no electricity. We all love a Cinderella story and this inspiring company offers a great product backed up with years of experience, leading technology, and a great message. "The future is at the heart of our preoccupation.”

This company focuses on integrity and the environment in their business and products. One of their goals is to encourage projects launched within civil society to preserve the environment and develop global quality of life. Environmentally sound, their website states that their products are probably the most ecological products in the world.

iLAND's work has been recognized for several prestigious awards such as:

The International Red Dot Design Award - The world's most prestigious design competition: Recognized for the quality and design of its product. Read more on their Red Dot Award.

The Good Design Award - A comprehensive program for the evaluation and encouragement of design organized by Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP). This award system was originally born in 1957 and has been given to outstanding designs for more than 50 years in the pursuit of prosperous lives and industrial development.

iLAND’s products, which are available globally have been donated to the Mike Horn expeditions and other philanthropic causes that take people to remote locations.

For more information regarding their product line or the people behind the ideas, please visit their website at

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