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Green Man aka Feminist Father's Day at the Goddess Temple of Orange County

FEMINIST FATHERS DAY.....GREEN MAN FATHER'S DAY....I wanted to share that Roy and I were at the Goddess Temple of Orange County last night as they celebrated their first Green Man Father's Day. The temple for sometime now has been shifting toward welcoming families and on Fourth Sundays had been inviting men to the temple. These are the men of the future. The men with the mentality of protector, supporter, nurturer. Those are the archetypes encouraged to the men who come there.

During the the evening the men who have helped the temple were honored - the men who built the Sekhmet's 4' pyramid throne, do all the things at the temple the priestesses don't have the abilities to do, or the money to hire out. But I have to tell you how gratifying it was to hear herstory coming from the lips of men. As I sat in the room and listened to one of the men talk about being a devout Christian in his twenties, to realizing the inconsistencies, to discovering the Divine Mother. Hearing him tell how patriarchy has dealt women and the planet a lousy blow - I had goose bumps and I had to hold back tears.

When I was called up to the mic to give a few comments I couldn't help but say these men are the ones we've been waiting for to help us change the world. These are the men who can give women hope as they become our allies. I added to the list of reasons we appreciate them that we love and appreciate them most when they are encouraging the women in their lives to be the best they can be, to not hide their light under a bushel, to not control their lives, and how gratifying it is to see them working toward an egalitarian partnership with women. I wished I had t-shirts to hand out to them all with the word Feminist on it because they were truly helping us usher in a Feminist Father's Day.

I hope I've given you a snap shot of the wonderful time I spent at the temple last night.

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