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Green Living e-Guide

Learn how cleaning products affect our health and get tips for how to use healthier alternatives.
Learn how cleaning products affect our health and get tips for how to use healthier alternatives.
courtesy of Maid Brigade, Inc.

Green living means many things to many people.  Some readers recycle, carpool and pay bills online to reduce landfill waste, greenhouse gas emissions and other human impacts on the environment. Others eat organic foods, use homemade green cleaning solutions and choose natural fibers and woods for home furnishings to minimize their exposure to synthetic chemicals which can harm their health.  A third group chooses a green lifestyle for reasons best described as spiritual, although this is not really a good descriptor at all. 

Whichever your inclination, green living practices have a positive ripple effect throughout the universe.  Composting at home curbs landfill use and eliminates the need for fertilizers which can harm aquatic life downstream and upset local and regional ecosystems.  Growing vegetables at home affords the most nutrient-dense produce with no transportation impacts not only locally but through the region.  Telecommuting immediately reduces petroleum dependency but also reduces the need for commercial development and its contributions to greenhouse gas emissions and heat island effect.

In Atlanta, consider shopping an Environment Furniture.  You'll find the showroom at the corner of Northside Drive and 14th street.  This is an exquisite furniture gallery featuring reclaimed wood furniture appointed with re-purposed textile upholsteries.  The furniture is beautifully designed to be compatible with any decor theme but the essential "hidden" green feature is in the durability of the pieces.  Durability is a forgotten concept in the realm of sustainability and it needs to be praised, valued and sought after.  Environment Furniture gets a special nod for presenting home furnishings that will last for several generations. 

Atlanta residents who want green living ideas for health should check out Maid Brigade's Green Cleaning e-Guide. This free download explains how common household cleaning chemicals can be harmful to our health over time, especially since we use cleaning products several times per week.  It also gives tips for how to clean different things using natural ingredients like lemon juice, baking soda, vinegar and borax.

Taking steps to go green can seem daunting, since so many aspects of daily living involve things or practices that are harmful to the environment or to our health.  Fortunately there is more information online to help guide us toward the best choices.