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Green Leaves Vegan Thai restaurant

Green Leaves Vegan, a restaurant specializing in Thai cuisine, has two Los Angeles locations—one in Los Feliz and one in West Hollywood. The menu is surprisingly eclectic, and you can choose from a plethora of options from gluten-free pancakes with bananas and berries to a “chicken dinner” made with soy chicken fried in kamut flour and served with rice and veggies. They have a number of stir-fry, noodle and curry dishes, if you’re craving authentic Thai food, but there are limitless options for every appetite—and everything is 100% vegan. The menu is long and full of soy and cashew cheeses, soy or seitan (a meat-substitute made from wheat gluten) proteins, lentil loaves and an array of vegetables. The décor has no focus: guitars sporadically line the yellow walls and there is a randomly placed television airing sporting events (this is the case at both locations). But the staff is friendly and the food is delicious and affordable. Check them out at