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Green Lantern pivotal foe gains new titular series

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Like nothing since a Silver Age prevalence, in DC 52 Sinestro has once again become a frontrunning powerhouse. His Green Lantern infamy and opposition has more than been a shadow across the the corp of Green Lantern titles, and Spring 2014 the boss enforcer of intergalactic laws apply-to-you-not-me will have his own ongoing series.

In the near fallout of the Forever Evil miniseries, in a report from Newsarama, Sinestro will suspend between villain and anti-hero in the all-new series.

Cullen Bunn will take the writing helm for Sinestro's addition to the regular array of GL-centric titles. Bunn is well-known for breakout western series The Sixth Gun for Oni press. This will be his sophomore run on a DC Comics title.

Illustration's direction will lead off from Schuster award winning Dale Eaglesham. Sinestro will be Eaglesham's continuance on the Universe through Lantern visualization. His previous work involving on stand-out titles includes 52, JSA and Kyle Rayner's mantle-run in Green Lantern.

DC Comics further explains to Newsarama that Sinestro comes into the new plot in desperation - devoid of home, family and sole friendship.

Sinestro has its debut release on April 16 of 2014.