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Green Lantern nemesis Sinestro gets a solo series from DC Comics in April

The "Green Lantern" line is one of the more popular lines in the DC Comics Universe. There are three series that focus on the Green Lanterns, "Green Lantern," "Green Lantern Corps," and "Green Lantern: New Guardians." Even the misunderstood anti-heroes the "Red Lanterns" have their own series as does the Orange Lantern "Larfleeze." But absent from that impressive lineup has been one of the more compelling characters from the Green Lantern mythos, Sinestro.

The fear powered villain goes solo in April. Get a glimpse of the new series in the Villain Month special by Cullen Bunn and Dale Eaglesham "Green Lantern" #24.4.
Billy Tan

This villain was once the greatest of the Green Lanterns whose lust for power and control overtook him and got him booted from the Green Lantern Corps. Sinestro obtained a new power ring from the Weaponers of Qward and where the Green Lantern rings are powered by an individual's will power, the yellow ring is powered by a an individual's ability to cause fear.

When DC restarted their universe in September 2011, the star of the "Green Lantern" series was not the more recognizable Hal Jordan, but Sinestro who for unknown reasons had been reinstated as a member of the Green Lantern Corps. During the course of the series, Sinestro was able to reestablish himself as one of the most feared men in the universe reclaiming his yellow power ring.

Last week in an announcement on, DC Comics announced Sinestro is finally receiving his own solo series beginning in April by writer Cullen Bunn and artist Dale Eaglesham. The duo who created the Sinestro one-shot story in "Green Lantern" #24.4 during September 2013's Villain Month.

What will the series have in store for Sinestro? Events in the current running "Forever Evil" mini-series might play a part. In issue four of the "Forever Evil" series, Sinestro shows up for a killer confrontation with the Crime Syndicate's Power Ring a villainous version of a Green Lantern. Newsarama says that what is known about the start of the series is this, "The new series finds Sinestro desperate having lost everything he’s ever loved – his home, family, and his only friend."

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