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Green is the new black: Eco-friendy high fashion

spring fashion
spring fashion

The city of Miami is abuzz with Fashion Week.  Designers, models, and paparazzi have taken over the town.  Spring breakers in search of couture have found their nirvana.  For all the desperate housewives, gossip girls, or project runway fashionistas, we can all take part in this glitzy, glamorous, and yes, green, event.  

Franovik designs is a fashion company that with recyclable and organic materials and specialty materials.  Victor Vega--a University of Miami administrator by day, cutting-edge designer by night, stated

“We are eco-designers,” Vega said. “We believe in giving back to the environment and helping the environment. We’re able to do this by making fashions with recycled and vintage materials that would otherwise end up in a landfill.”

Franovik debuted their spring line, and their new "Models and Designers" magazine this past weekend.  Stay tuned for more spring shows!

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