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Green Intention #3 - Recycle

Individuals and businesses can reduce generated waste by recycling.  Think about it.  When not recycling, where is this "waste" going?  Into large landfills that in time will run out of space and are currently causing more devastation to the earth than is necessary. 

Recycling is easy and conserves our natural resources.  Why not make a commitment to begin in 2010?  Help save landfill space, reduce pollution and conserve energy. 

By Reducing, Reusing,  and Recycling, you are contributing to the natural world instead of depleting it.

Here are some resources to get you going:

Evidence that recycling is key to keeping our land beautiful: check out Recycling Revolution for lots of recycling facts.

Want to teach kids the power of recycling?  Recycle City is a site sponsored by the EPA.

Don't know where to start?  Earth911 allows you to search the item you wish to recycle along with your zip code.  Search results display locations to take those items for recycling. 

Finally, this video, The Story of Stuff,  was created by FreeRange Studios to get people thinking about the products they buy and the cycle they go through.  Watch the teaser below.

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