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Green hoochie

20th Hoochie
20th Hoochie
Cheryl Weatherley-Eaton

If your “Hoochie” isn’t with green initiative supporters, then you’re partying with the wrong people. On April 25, 2014, the Nature Conservancy invited several supporters and friends to party at its 20-year “Hoochie” fundraiser at The Goat Farm Arts Center.

Upon arrival, the Executive Director of the Chattahoochee Nature Center, Chris Nelson , was the first to say, “Hi” at the beverage counter. You could tell in his introduction there was pride in the position he now holds. Later, talking with several other "green" leaders, and an introduction to one of his co-workers at the nature center, revealed that he announced a few days before, as he proudly walked around the center, it was day 94 in the position. Enthusiasm like that is hard to find.

Earthshare GA, Park Pride, and several other environmental or green effort program representatives enjoyed catching up and mingling with other supporters. While in the food line, a female general contractor began talking about the certified building efforts her company is making.

This is the first year the annual dinner/dance party had an art theme. Several art pieces were displayed causing some individuals to gaze in awe. One mirror piece turned you upside down, while a water display sent a gushing water stream through tubes making a harsh river sound. One large piece consisted of 40+ filing cabinets with plants protruding sporadically.

It took restraint not to take home one or more of the spinning chandeliers over the dining tables. How fun. Well, come to think of it, the colored screen in front of the band was pretty unique and original also, especially after the sun went down. The Northern lights just thought they had a beautiful light show.

Special guests of the evening were WSB-TV retired anchor, John Pruitt and Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB) “Georgia Outdoors” host, Sharon Collins.

The more important guests were chocolate covered pecans (made as you watched), boiled peanuts, a table display of wonderful food, and, of course, oysters. The introduction to the “oyster guy, Charlie” never did happen. Maybe next time or making a trip to the Georgia Coast may not be out of the question.

Start greening your “Hoochie” with support to the Nature Conservancy-Georgia and party with the best next year.

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