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Green for God

Trees are our Brothers & Sisters
Trees are our Brothers & Sisters
Zoe DeVane

Kristen Campbell writes in the Press-Register about Jonathan Merritt author of "Green Like God: Unlocking the Divine Plan for Our Planet,".  Green living is making the scene among traditional church leaders as they realize that being a steward of the planet means recycling and reusing.  As this once liberal fad makes it's way into the thinking of churches throughout our nation sweeping changes can begin taking place across our planet.

Imagine every church doing community service cleaning an area of the highway or streets in their neighborhood.  Think about the changes service to the planet could bring about all over our nation.  Being green is part of our connection to one another and our connection to the planet we live on. 

Perhaps this will revive the understanding that we are all One.  What is done to even the "least of these" is done to all of us.

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