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Green fireball lights up night sky over downtown Memphis

  As I was driving down Central Avenue in Mid-town Memphis a little over a couple of hours ago [precise time was 12:46am, 5/30/10], suddenly in the Western sky directly ahead of me, a huge appearing green fireball streaked from left to right at about a 30 degree angle. I have no way of judging how far away it was or its altitude ; however, it DID appear like it went  right over downtown Memphis. It was mostly green in color but had some orangish sparks that were shooting out from it. It had a long trail that was mostly orange-colored. I estimate that my sighting lasted about two whole seconds before the thing fizzled out. This could well have been a meteor because it burned up before it got past the mid-point  in my field of vision of the night sky. 

  And I may end up having egg all over my face by reporting this as breaking news of aerial anomalies because this is the last weekend of the Memphis-in-May festivities that traditionally ends by a grand finale of fireworks display right after the performance of the 1812 Overture by the Memphis Symphony orchestra on the east bank of the Mississippi River. If this is what I witnessed, then I apologise. However, it DOES seem that 12:46am is a tad late for all this to be finallly finishing-up.  And what I saw did really look like a meteor burning-up in the atmosphere. If this was human pyrotechnics, then I must congratulate them on a truly amazing performance!

  If anyone else saw this or knows anything about any reports of it, please contact the Memphis UFO Examiner.

[Postscript : Last year during the last week of May, we had the Horn Lake "UFO" video footage that created such a huge stir on the Internet ; this year we may have gotten what could be fancifully seen as another cosmic salute to finish off our most festive month of the year.]


  • Sharron 4 years ago

    I saw the exact same thing at 1:49 a.m. in johnson city, tn!!! no sound or anything