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Green energy grants available for consumers to go green

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Solar power grants are presently be offered by local, state and federal government programs.

Why Choose Solar Energy

Recent technological advances have made solar energy an efficient and simple way to cut energy costs and save the environment.

Converting to a full solar power system or part time solar power enables homeowners to enjoy uninterrupted service, reduce their carbon footprint and save on energy costs. In some areas systems are available that actually allow customers to collect solar energy to sell back to their local utility company.

Homeowners can choose from two types of solar power systems, photovoltaic and solar water heating systems. Solar water heating systems only heat the water used in the home. Photovoltaic systems provide energy for the entire home.

Federal and State Funding for Going Solar

Currently there are local, state and federal programs designed to assist individuals in going green.

Grants are funds available from the government (federal, state or local) designated for a specific purpose. Proceeds from grants do not have to be repaid. Tax credits are available as a deduction on an individual’s federal tax return. Rebates and incentives are funds given back after purchase and installation, usually by the manufacturer and/or utility companies.

Individuals can locate grants for turning their home into an environmentally friendly solar-powered home using the resources below. Once a grant has been located, consumers must read the instructions carefully. Some grants require the work to be completed before awarding the funds, others will issue partial payment and the balance when the job is complete, and still others will issue funds up-front. Individuals need to read the fine print and take special note of deadlines to qualify.

Where to find Federal Grants, Tax Credits and Rebates:

If each person does their part, together we can make ensure a greener future for our children and grandchildren.

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  • GreenHome 5 5 years ago

    Katrina, Great article. I am in the greening of buildings business, GreenPoint
    Rater N/E, and have
    thought to include facilitating homeowners in interpretating, and determining
    eligibilty for various funds. This is a great step towards informing the public
    of these many programs. Their are many others coming down the pike as well. Great job.

  • GreenHome 5 5 years ago

    oops, I should have proof read my last comment, wrong use of "their", there.

  • Emily Lutz 5 years ago


    Have you noticed a significant spike in resale value once a property "goes green?" This may make for an interesting article if you haven't explored it already...


  • GreenHome 5 5 years ago

    It's been demonstrated in municipalities that have a green label on their MLS, like up in Oregon, that everything else being equal, a house with green features, certified with a recognized green label, sells for more. Here, the introduction of a residential green label, of which there are several, is starting to take hold in the bay area real estate MLS. A GreenPoint Rating which I am qualified to rate is by far the front runner in the bay area. Look up website of for more info.

  • Anonymous 4 years ago

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