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Green dry cleaning

Revolution Cleaners, which opened for business in 2004, introduced a new cleaning technology and became “Denver’s only true environmentally friendly dry cleaner.” They claim to be firmly committed to serving customers and the environment. They tout the following business practices:

·         Denver’s true environmentally friendly cleaner, using the only non-toxic technologies available

·         Use wind power to run their plant

·         Vans which use alternative fules

·         Uniform and laundry bags, wherever possible, are made form organic cotton and renewable hemp fiber

·         Use renewable resources in stores such as bamboo hardwood and cork

·         Employees highly trained garment care professionals

CO2 has excellent cleaning properties and dissolves stains as well or better than the toxic substances most cleaners use. Plus, your clothes will never have that chemical smell, nor will you be bringing into your home the toxins found on typical dry cleaned clothes. The vast majority of dry cleaners use perchloroethylene (PERC), which is listed by the EPA as a probably carcinogen and a known pollutant, to clean clothes. PERC is so bad that the entire state of California recently banned it and several other states are considering the ban. Revolution Cleaners claims that “dry cleaners now rank up there with gas stations as common hazardous waste sites.” The solvents Revolution Cleaners use (liquid CO@ and water) are completely safe, for you and the environment.

You can find locations here.