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Green designers in Miami


The green epidemic has definitely taken control of Miami designers. It’s like a game fostering who can make the most unheard of green friendly thing made out of lima beans.
Verdict says: let the games begin.

Green Veranda:

A twist to the classic handbags made out of Capri Sun juice packs and folded magazine covers, Green Veranda creates fashionable handbags made out of 100% recycled newspapers and organic materials.

Founder Denise Marques drafted up this eco-chic line with a greater purpose of saving the planet, fair trade, and giving back. With ever item sold, a percentage goes to charitable organizations that support the environment and our future generation.

Shopping has a greater meaning now that we know a tree is planted in place of the bag removed off the store shelf.

Marques’ prices are also affordable, and each design completely unique in shapes and purpose.

My favorite: The Sun.

Noble Truth:

Combining Buddhism into fashion, Noble Truth is a company based off of various artist with the same four truths to their work:

We are all here to do our thing.
The world and its people inspire me.
My energy manifests my destiny.
Being me is my truth.

They take a T-shirt and transform it into a meaningful canvas that allows you to make a statement. Drizzling the artwork masterminded by different artists speaking their truth on a perfect everyday T-shirt, Noble Truth gives our favorite fashions a purpose.

All T-shirts are made of oh-so-luscious bamboo and biodegradable, printed with an earth-friendly veggie and water-based ink, minus the harsh chemicals.

A product of the U.S.A, 1% of proceeds go to the planet and other green organizations.
What bewitched me is that it’s more than a business. Noble Truth is somehow the equivalence of a watering hole, becoming a meeting place for artists and enthusiasts to speak their truth on a medium.

OMBU Lifestyle Shoes:
Alpargatas never go out of style. An Argentinean shoe created with less glue, making it light as a feather, easy to recycle and with ecological leather, designs are still fun and bold making a fashionable impression. Thinking outside the box, OMBU packages each pair in recycled fabric bags with a tree seed in the front pocket for wearers to contribute to spreading the green love.

I’m loving how the OMBU creators are an entire generation who want to get their generation conscious to this green movement.

Now the place to see it all happen, Imagine Gifts located in the Midtown Mall. Already a bit of a superstar in the green streets of Miami, you can find these trendy pieces and more in one location. Also find eclectic artwork, home items, jewelry and quirky treats you can’t resist. Doing their part in touching base with their community, Imagine creators work with artist exhibiting their work very Friday night to showcase their pieces while locals enjoy free booze and mingling with an interesting crowd.

If you’re a “Green Connoisseur” let us know what you do, what you’ve discovered and your interest in Miami’s green epidemic. 


  • Marivi 5 years ago

    Hi Katie! Thanks for the write-up on Noble Truth. We appreciate your support :)

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