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Green County toddler reported missing

Green Co., Kentucky
Green Co., Kentucky
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A two-year-old child has been reported missing in Green County, Kentucky but the media is only just now catching the details. This Thursday morning news report shares that scent dogs have been used in the search that has so far included multiple agencies. The girl's name is not being revealed yet for some reason, and it's not currently known if foul play is behind her disappearance or not.

At the time of this story there are no other known media sources covering the disappearance of the Kentucky toddler. The details that are available are sparse, but it's believed that the child disappeared sometime around 8:00 p.m., Wednesday night. It's not being reported as to whether or not the girl vanished from a home or some other setting, and it's not being revealed on whether or not there are any clues leading to any direction she may have gone.

Hopefully more details become available throughout the night, but for now the details just simply are not available to report anything further at this time.