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Green clean Kansas City homes

Essential oils can be used in cleaning. Lavender is a favorite for aromatherapy.
Essential oils can be used in cleaning. Lavender is a favorite for aromatherapy.
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Keeping a clean house can be akin to a mother's sanity. However, traditional household cleaners can cause more harm than good. Many contain chemicals that can be harmful to children or pets. Non-toxic cleaners are less expensive, just as effective and most importantly, safer for your family.

Don't start making a shopping list just yet. You may be surprised to find that you already have most, if not all, of the ingredients for a healthy, clean household. Check your kitchen cabinets for some of the following non-toxic cleansers.

White Vinegar
An excellent disinfectant, white vinegar can be used throughout your home, even in areas with babies and animals. Mix with water and use a sponge to apply, or pour over a damp cloth. Wipe off baby toys and other household items that find their way into toddlers' mouths. Clean your kitchen table and counters with white vinegar. 

Baking Soda
I prefer baking soda over traditional chemical-filled bathroom cleansers. Baking soda scours and disinfects. It requires additional elbow grease than store-bought cleaners, but the piece of mind and money saved are worth it.

Clean and protect surfaces with natural oils. Midwestern homes require more frequent dusting than in other areas of the country. Kansas City moms frequently turn to products like Pledge and Endust, but could opt for safer cleaning options. Combine olive oil, water and essential oils to clean and shine hardwood floors. Tea tree and eucalyptus oils act as antibacterials. Use lavender or other oil to add an element of aromatherapy to the cleaning, and an excellent, natural smell in the house.

Toxic chemicals are not necessary for a healthy clean home. Investigate your green clean options. Non-toxic cleaners are safer for your family, better for the environment and easier on your wallet.


  • Diana 5 years ago

    Love the tip on using olive oil, water, and essential oils on hardwood floors. I am going to try that one. I also use white vinegar to help eliminate pet odors. It works just as well if not better than the expensive odor eliminating products the pet stores sell at a huge cost. Keep up the good work. Love all the tips.

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