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Green Christmas


We’ll have a green Christmas! Consider these ideas for how to be socially conscious this Christmas:

• Traditional wrapping paper cannot be recycled. Give gifts in reuseable shopping bags such as the ones at EcoBags. Or buy recycled wrapping paper at Fish Lips Paper Design. Or, use some fabric, such as the scarf you are giving, as wrapping.
• Use an artificial tree this year.
• You could also donate some money to a worthy charity in someone’s name. See my blog on Giving with a conscious.
• Get a solar charger for your friends’ cell phones or read GoodCleanTech for other cool ecotechnology tidbits and gifts.
• Put Christmas lights on a timer to save energy.
• Donate old, gently worn jackets to the Burlington Coat Factory Coat Drive (hey, and receive 10% your entire purchase!).

Got any other tips? Let us know!


  • Chrissy Morin - Douglas County Examiner 5 years ago

    It's actually amazing how long gift bags last.. We have a couple of favorites that have been floating back and forth between my girls and I for about 5 years.