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Green by the numbers

Green Gone Wrong
Green Gone Wrong
Paul Taylor

It is widely recognized that the Obama administration has transparently directed government money to secure his partisan voter blocks in every election. No where is this cronyism more evident than with his “green” environmental constituency. And, names like Solyndra, First Energy, Abound Solar, SoloPower and others have become synonymous with President Obama’s buying votes and expanding the perverse co-dependency of evermore Americans and American businesses on government gifts such as loans, grants and tax credits, particularly in the myopic renewable energy arena.

Obama-favored renewable energy sources such as wind, solar and other electric power alternatives have received the lion's share of deficit-growing (and now exhausted) federal government subsidies while reliable petroleum, hydro-power, coal and nuclear sources that reliably provide 95% of American energy have been demonized by Obama.

The actual costs of environmental initiatives are both illusive and pervasive. Here are some recent accounts of government costs for implementation and enforcement of various environmental regulations and programs:

• Federal agencies now impose $1.9 trillion in annual regulatory compliance costs on American businesses and families according to the Competitive Enterprise Institute. These regulations are linked to our economic shrinkage by 2.9% the first quarter of 2014 -- where 7.5 million Americans have been forced to accept lower-quality, lower-wage, low-benefit part-time jobs;
• New Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) carbon controls will shut down hundreds of electric power generators, cost another 224,000 jobs, and lower household disposable incomes by $586 billion according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce;
• Health wise, EPA has claimed that U.S. air pollution causes more asthma, especially in children. But asthma rates have been rising even as air pollution has fallen. EPA ignores these facts, and has paid since 2000 its "scientific advisors" $181 million as an "independent" Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee, $25 million to the American Lung Association, and millions more to other partisan eco-groups.

EPA actively manipulates raw data, cherry-picks, distorts and exaggerates research results to justify its progressive green agenda. More perversely, EPA and allied agencies hide their analyses from public inspection and review. Even recognized science experts and members of Congress are stonewalled in attempts to examine questionable data and analytical processes. New EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy vows to "protect" all information from those whom she decides "are not qualified to analyze it." Thus taxpayers end up paying for EPA’s bad science, partisan eco-groups and their eco-propaganda. (IBD, July 30, 2014)

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