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Green Berets Obama: More US soldiers going to Iraq, President Obama takes action

Green Berets being sent to Iraq under President Obama’s direction was confirmed this week during a formal statement with the press. Obama declared that he plans to send roughly 300 of these elite US soldiers to foreign territory in the coming months. The Daily Mail reports this Thursday, June 19, 2014, that this mission is not meant for direct combat or martial warfare; rather, the Green Berets are said to be deployed in an effort to train and counsel allied Iraqi forces. This team of military advisors and army members are thus essentially being sent to help these Middle Eastern soldiers learn to better defend themselves and develop more effective strategy.

Green Berets being sent to Iraq by President Obama
Wikimedia Commons

Although President Obama has firmly stated that he wishes to withdraw forces from Iraq and other foreign territories, it appears that more US soldiers will be deployed shortly to participate in an important military education mission. The Green Berets Obama story was confirmed when Obama announced approximately 300 advisers are going to Iraq to support the country. He made certain to stress, however, that this recent move was not in any way intended to “foreshadow” a combat intervention or threat.

With the ominous ISIL crisis still remaining a major threat over the Middle East’s borders, President Obama made clear today his action to assist our ally nation through a supportive, but non-confrontational, approach. The US President said that sending any more troops to Iraq — including these 300 or so Green Berets — to openly fight in the war or launch an attack against Islamic extremists will not help our nation any longer.

“American forces will not be returning to combat in Iraq,” stated President Obama today, “but we will help Iraqis as they take the fight to terrorists who threaten the Iraqi people, the region and American interests, as well.”

At this time, contributes New Max in a morning report, it appears that the US president revealed government intelligence is currently in the process of identifying specific and particularly dangerous targets within the Islamic State of Iraq, including any affiliated terrorist groups in Syria. The unspoken threat should this occur was suggested to be an offensive air strike. Thus, should these explicit “targets” be found, American troops would take “precise military action if and when we determine that the situation on the ground requires it.”

The 300 Green Berets and Obama announcement do not mark the only time US forces have been sent back to Iraq in recent weeks. Earlier this June, the president also took action, as he officially deployed over 250 marines to provide military assistance in protecting American officials at the American embassy located in Baghdad. Such a force is being joined by a number of US warships waiting in the Gulf Coast, including the USS George HW Bush and the recently deployed USS Mesa Verde.

President Obama blatantly stated to Congress members during a closed meeting yesterday that it was not necessary for him to consider their opinions or input at this point and time, given the military actions he was declaring. He concluded that he plans to convene with additional security advisers over the weekend in order to more closely communicate with security forces in Iraq.

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