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Green Bay NFL playoff game colder than Arctic Circle

And then there's cold.
And then there's cold.

There's cold, and then there's Lambeau cold...

The much ballyhooed playoff game between the Pack and the 'Niners falls into the category of kill-you-dead-in-moments kind of cold, as reported by The Boston Herald on Jan. 4, 2014.

With the high temp in Green Bay hosting the playoff contest against the visiting San Francisco Forty Niners expected to be well below the freezing mark, the good folks at Green Bay's Lambeau Field will be passing out 70,000 hand warmers in a move to hopefully keep some of the Packer faithful from losing any digits to frostbite.

With more calories required to keep the human body warm, free coffee and hot chocolate will also be offered up to the fans in an effort to fight off hypothermia.

According to, the high temperature in Green Bay on game day is expected to be no warmer than 1°F (-17ºC) with 18 MPH winds.

Factoring in the wind chill, fans in the outdoor stadium can expect the air to feel more like a balmy -20°F.

Located on the frozen North Slope of the northernmost part of the United States, the expected high in Barrow, Alaska will be a tad bit on the warmer side, spiking out at 2°F.

Barrow is well north of the Arctic Circle and only for a slim few months in the summer is the bay even navigable due to ice.

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