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Green Bay Community Gardens

Green Bay Community Gardens

What is a community garden? To the community it is "Food and Ecosystem Demonstration Sites." It is meant to bring gardeners and gardens together for those who do not have the room to grow a garden.

It is funded by FEEDS. This is a grant funded project which the University of Wisconsin Extention put together to bring common ground garden and individual people or families together. This to so they can share resources and knowledge with each other.

These community gardens can be as simple as a flower garden in a corner to make it beautiful to large vegetable gardens. Which can provide food for those in need in the community. FEEDS has other purposes besides providing space. FEEDS has a website that the community gardeners can communicate with each other. This website also helps the coordinators to help in the trade of equipment and information concerning gardening. This really is a fantastic way to utilize limited resources and educate everyone and educate everyone by providing workshops. Resources include seeds, transplants and tools. These resources are often provided by donors,the United States Department Agriculture and UW System.

To learn more about Green Bay Wisconsin Community Gardens contact Bill Wright the Community Garden