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Green barbecuing

San Francisco A stack of ground beef patties
San Francisco A stack of ground beef patties
(Photo by Justin Sullivan Getty Images)

It is told to fire up the charcoal "without fluid giving a cleaner less toxic" grill time.

When eating use the real deal of plates to save on the paper goods to contribute the food to the guest.

It is reminded to keep the flame at bay without letting it approach "higher cooking" levels for that causes the chemistry of the food to change, decreasing it healthiness.

Use food like meats that are all natural and no added additives or preservatives.

"To marinate with natural ingredients" to be another great reference to keeping the grilling time healthier.

To pick the good choice a more "natural charcoal" to prepare grilled foods.

The local outdoor stores in El Paso, TX to the home improvement stores offer the charcoal for a selection.

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