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'Green' alternatives to keeping the house clean thanks to Molly Maid

Host dry extraction carpet cleaning from Molly Maid
Host dry extraction carpet cleaning from Molly Maid
Molly Maid

Being cooped up in the house, as all in Middle Tennessee have been the last few days. makes one think of Spring cleaning. But more and more people are moving away from the traditional, harsh chemical cleaning methods and looking toward 'greener' options. While most stay-at-home moms only fantasize about having a maid service, Molly Maid of south Davidson, Williamson and Maury counties offers some great ideas all SAHM's can use on their own:

  • Use microfiber towels. They clean better than paper towels and are reusable.
  • Try Host dry extraction carpet cleaning next time you need carpets or rugs cleaned. It is Green certified and requires almost no drying time.
  • Consider hanging clothes to dry on the line to save energy.
  • Replace old light bulbs with energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs.
  • Skip the dry cycle on your dishwasher and just let the dishes air dry.
  • Instead of a synthetic room freshener, use a vase of daffodils, which can fill a room with a lovely, natural scent.

Have more ideas for 'green' cleaning? Post a comment below!


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