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Green Acres tragedy sparks no-kill day at Maricopa County animal shelters

Everyday, families turn to boarding facilities, pet sitters and family, to care for their pets while vacationing. Multiple families entrusted Green Acres boarding facility; but who would have known that it would be the last time they would see their beloved pets? June 20,2014 – 22 dogs would perish ,Valor was missing who would later be found deceased, and U.S. Senator Jeff Flakes son, Austin, claimed that one of the dogs had chewed through the air conditioner wiring at Green Acres boarding facility between the hours of 11:00 pm and 5:30 am on the tragic day in Gilbert, Arizona.

23 lives lost at Green Acres boarding facility, furry angels gone but not forgotten -slide0
The tragedy at green acre boarding facility
Dallas Bates with his two best friends
Dallas Bates

Families enraged, grieving there was an outcry within the community. Groups were formed on Facebook, protests were being organized, while continual news coverage would prompt a complete investigation by the Sheriff’s department in the case of the 23 dogs that died at Green Acres. One of the most memorable moments was a gentleman, bowing his head in silence with his two German Sheperds by his side, paying tribute to the 23 lost lives at Green Acres. We would later find the man's name was Dallas Bates, husband, animal advocate and friend to those who know him.

Through the pain and sorrow new found friendships have been formed. In a time when others have been petitioning months for change, thousands in Arizona are striving to make a difference. The families who lost their pets on that fateful day, decided to memorialize and pay tribute; so together they went before the board at the local shelters asking for a reprieve for all animals in the Maricopa County district. After careful consideration, the local shelters' decided to grant their request and on August 23,2014 not a single dog or cat will be euthanized in Maricopa County.

The families objective is to empty both facilities so that all animals in located in the East and West valley will find families or reunite with their own owner's. As hearts begin to heal, truth coming to light, we as a community can give one homeless animal a wonderful home, in memory of the 23 lives lost at Green Acres boarding facility.

For more information about the movement, log-into and join the group, The tragedy at Green Acre Boarding, Gilbert Az. Together everyone can make a difference, one life at a time.

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