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'Greek' series finale on ABC Family: How did this show end in 2011?

Scott Michael Foster
Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

On March 7, 2011, 'Greek' closed out its final chapter and showed the series finale. Did your favorites end up together? Here is what you missed on the show.

Cappie realizes that with all of his switching majors and taking classes that he has enough credits to graduate. He will need to take one final and then he will get his diploma. He tells Casey and of course she is thrilled about it! Our Cappie is finally growing up.

The brothers at Kappa Tau found out that the person they thought was trying to help them with the house is actually going to tear it down for a new sports center. They try their best to save it, but nothing can be done. Evan and Casey are both expected to explain why the house should be torn down for their law professor. They both refuse and it is very emotional for everyone to watch the house fall to the ground.

Rebecca and Evan talk a little, but don't end up getting back together. Evan says it is all his fault they didn't work out because he put law school before her.

Rusty and Ashley finally decide to make a go out their relationship and see what happens. Rusty even admits that he has liked her for a long time. Casey is happy with this and tells them to take care of each other. Dale even finds himself a girlfriend. Calvin and Heath decide to take off across the country to help people out.

At the end of the show, Casey and Cappie get into the car. She is leaving law school and he has now graduated. She asks where they are going and he says wherever you are headed. These couple finally got their happily ever after we have all been waiting for each season. I am going to miss 'Greek' and the CRU campus. It was a wonderful ending to a fantastic show that had a good run on ABC Family.

Sources: 'Greek' Series Finale on ABC Family March 7, 2011

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