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Greek Fire gets 'LOST' with upcoming fan-funded EP

Promotional image for Greek Fire's "LOST" EP.
Promotional image for Greek Fire's "LOST" EP.

Perhaps it is fated that Greek Fire, one of Saint Louis' favorite homegrown rock bands, should put together an extended play (EP) titled “LOST” this year. After all, ten years ago was the airing of the pilot for the ABC cult TV program by the same name. But unlike the infamous flight of Oceanic Flight 815, Greek Fire shows no signs of crashing and burning any time soon.

Greek Fire's “LOST” EP is part one of a split long play (LP), which will contain both “LOST” and “FOUND” releases. The first EP will be hitting record stores and the Internet on May 13. However, some fans will be getting their copies of “LOST” before everyone else.

The thing about “LOST” is that the entire EP was funded by the fans. Greek Fire created a PledgeMusic campaign so that their fan base could help finance the first of the split LP as well as score some band-branded swag in the process. Not only did Greek Fire reach their target money goal, they went over it by nearly fifty percent.

According to Amazon's pre-order page for the EP, this is the final track listing for “LOST”.

1. A Real Life
2. Top Of The World
3. Coming Alive
4. I'm Afraid Of Americans (featuring Stephen Christian)
5. Fever

The fourth track, “I'm Afraid Of Americans,” is a cover of the David Bowie song by the same name, according to a Twitter message from Greek Fire's lead guitarist Ryan Phillips. Both “A Real Life” and “Top Of The World” have already been released as singles prior to the EP release, with the latter getting a stripped down version as well as a radio version.

On May 13, the release of the new “LOST” EP will be accompanied by a special video for the day. It will no doubt feature the guys of Greek Fire being their usual rock selves and making their fans proud of supporting them to a brand new album.

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