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Greed, not homosexual anger is motive in homosexual killings case in Georgia

Convicted killers take the lives of two homosexual men in Georgia and Delaware.
Convicted killers take the lives of two homosexual men in Georgia and Delaware.
Courtesy of Marion County Sheriff's Office via WTVM

Homosexuals Christopher P. Masters, 22, and Michael Haegele, 21, likely never thought their male lover's wife would be a fatal threat to them, or that their lover Jason Slaughter would be the mastermind who planned to kill them for insurance policy money. But they were wrong and on June 2 a Ga. Supreme Court upheld Donna Slaughter's conviction in the horrendous murder scheme involving Haegele, according to the Ledger Enquirer.

On May 6 four years ago, it was Donna Slaughter who sneaked behind Michael Haegele's back as he sat in her and Jason's mobile home on a sofa where he had sat many times before since moving in with the married couple a year earlier. This time, however, he was shot in the back of the head by his lover's wife as he sat next to Jason.

The convicted husband and wife killing team threw his body into a bin for transport purposes after the crime, later dumping it on the side of the road like garbage after they staged the crime by putting racial hate language on the victim's body, labeling him a "fag" and insinuating he was going to "hell" and that it might be the work of the "KKK." But detectives followed the trail--of money, that is, when they found life insurance polices in the suspect's mobile home. And it showed that this wasn't the first time that a life insurance policy had been taken out by Jason Slaughter on a male lover.

The first time was when Jason attempted to benefit from his relationship with Christopher P. Masters in New Castle County, Del., taking out an online life insurance policy on him for $250,000 with Household Life Insurance Company in 2007, according to Courthouse News Service. Seeking to deflect suspicion at the time, Slaughter also took out a $25,000 policy on himself, making the beneficiary Christopher Masters.

Less than six months later Chris Masters was dead, shot "execution style" in the back of the head at close range. But the man police now want to extradite for murder in that case did not try to collect on the policy right after Masters' homicide, realizing he had come under suspicion of police for the heinous crime. So he fled South to Georgia, where he and his wife Donna would plot the demise of another homosexual boyfriend using the same online insurance company site for their greedy effort.

This time the policy amount was $500,000, and it was Jason's wife who would pull the trigger, according to her later confession. But before Jason Slaughter allegedly sought to collect $250,000 from the death of Christopher Masters and $500,000 off the death of Michael Haegele, he had successfully staged a home burglary crime and came away with $3,000 from Household Insurance. And he used racial hate speech in that crime as well, according to an August 2013 Ledger Enquirer article. In fact, it was the same three words used in the Georgia murder: fag, hell and KKK.

A second false burglary report to the insurance company netted the criminal nothing, which may have been when the plan to commit murder and collect life insurance was first birthed. But regardless of when Jason Slaughter set out to kill the homosexual men he became intimate with, police say that he already had a felony record in his background, so he wasn't even supposed to own a gun. And that is why he had Michael Haegele began to buy them for him.

As of June 2, 2014 Jason Slaughter has not been extradited to Delaware to face charges in the Christopher Masters murder case. But his conviction in the Michael Haegele murder case was life plus 15 years. And his wife Donna Slaughter received the same sentence, learning this week that the Georgia Supreme Court was upholding her conviction in the murder case, despite an effort by her attorney to say that a mistrial should have been declared because a GBI agent mentioned her polygraph test during court testimony.

The Supreme Court judge said that "she failed to show that a mistrial was essential to her right to a fair trial" because the jury was admonished not to consider the polygraph test and because the GBI agent did not discuss the test results while on the stand or within earshot of the jury.

If Donna and Jason Slaughter had not left Michael Haegele's personal identification off his dead body when they threw it by the roadside, Jason would not have had to call the police to try and help them discover who it was that they had found. But because they did leave that identifier off the body--and there was no fingerprint record to aid investigators in knowing who they had discovered--Slaughter had to call them and assist if he wanted to be able to claim the life insurance money off the dead victim. And that is how the cops nabbed him, immediately directing their eyes on the couple once they learned the victim had lived with them.

This bizarre case shows that money, not homosexual hatred or bias, can motivate cold blooded killing, too. And that some crimes are staged to throw off investigators and insurance companies that will have to pay claims. In Putnam County in central Georgia another bizarre murder case is appearing to be staged, with Sheriff Howard Sills saying in that case that he believes the body of Russell Dermond was moved and might have been returned to the home from another crime scene, since their is not much blood at the residence where the decapitated victim's body was found--and since they have found no forensic evidence to support the elderly man was shot or killed in his garage.

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