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GREE International is making an unscathed start up benchmarks

Following the recent announcements made by this San Francisco based gaming company, the assertive moves makes an American roll out plan has a simple premise: to show that mobile games are not only an early adopter for United States mobile gamers but it is also an influencer in this industry. Noting that position within the marketplace is important, it is also timing. From GREE International’s standpoint, the company’s philosophy is derived from the term “six degrees of separation”: where a friend of a friend is six steps away.

Gree’s gaming lead on the new era of data-led development

To date, the acquisition of OpenFient, a mobile gaming platform, and Funzio, a mobile gaming developer, tabulated for a mere $314 million. While Atlantis Co. Ltd scored the first buy.

C-Level courting does not go unnoticed when Jim Ying hangs his single on the door as New VP of Developer Relations and Publishing. This important position accelerates the pace. Noted in his background, Ying has an extensive background in marketing, development and publishing, having worked with leading companies in the gaming market both in the U.S. and Asia. He is well-versed in the process of building games for social and mobile platforms and has expertise in the post-launch process, including maximizing mobile game lifetime reach and revenue. His experience includes working on multi-million dollar developer partnerships as well as global franchise management.

"We're very excited to bring Jim's wealth of expertise and passion to the GREE team," said Eros Resmini, SVP of Developer Relations and Marketing, GREE International, Inc. "GREE continues to develop the ways in which we partner with game makers in this rapidly changing space and Jim will be a critical leader in our global expansion."

What is as stake here? A lot! According to the Gartner, the projected value of a social/casual game market is $17.4 billion.

In an American roll-out plan where the ground game does consist of key partnerships and title [product lines] collaborations, then GREE International strategic exchanges offer a lion share of presence and the competition may see a clipping away at the actual gaming audience.

“GREE is a strong supporter of independent developers. They are responsible for pushing the limits of creativity and driving innovation within the mobile industry and I feel we have a responsibility to give them the tools and knowledge they need to work their magic,” says Eros Resmini, SVP of Developer Relations and Marketing, GREE International, Inc.

Strong support sometimes goes unnoticed. A company like GREE may work a particular gaming studio for the release of title. Much like a movie festivals, it is to garner game membership or gameplay. Behavioral adoption is another consideration. While mobile devices offer a nimble action between games and their participation, there is a longevity factor. How many minute to one individual participate? Where is the interest lie and which games are fiscally solvent? While downloads and user experience is key, it is the brand experience of the game. Asian markets are more in-depth and engaging in the mobile world. So it seems that GREE International while be a strong game publisher and competitive for another companies settled in the same sweet spot.

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