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Go Against The Flow

There is a profound concept called the 98 & 2% concept. It says that 98% of the people in any given situation will be unsuccessful and 2% will be successful. Before you go getting frustrated and give up... read the rest of this. You wouldn't be reading it if you were destined to fail!!! OK?

Let's look at something that most people can understand at least a little bit. Let's look at the work from home life.

98% of the people that decide they want to live the work from home life will not succeed at it and 2% will. Why? There are a couple of factors at work but probably the biggest is perspective. The 2% crowd doesn't think like everyone else. The 2% crowd has a different way of looking at things. They were not necessarily born with this perspective, but have learned it and refined it.

Here is an example of what we're talking about. The general train of thought in modern society is to graduate from high school, go to college, get a good education and then get a good job that will hopefully keep you on the right path to success of some sort (or at least financially keep your head above water) for the rest of your life.

That is the 98% mentality. The 2% mentality doesn't necessarily have a problem with going to school but believes much more that specialized training in the desired field that one wishes to be successful at is MUCH more valuable than a traditional college education.

The average person that follows the standard college course of life comes out of college with a degree in something that they most likely will never use or a field they may never have the chance to work in, and typically are strapped with student loans that are as large or larger than a home mortgage. Great way to "start your life", right? Not so much!!!

They go on to find some sort of job... anything they can, usually... that will pay the bills and keep a little food in their belly until they can find and land a job in their chosen field even though they have little to no experience. Unfortunately many of them end up giving up on their "chosen field" and just going with some sort of job that they can hopefully work their way up from the bottom because it's the experience that gets them where they need to go anyway.

The 2% mentality looks at all of this and realizes that because experience and actual usable skill is the important part, they figure out the best way to get the experience and skill without wasting time and money on education that probably isn't necessary or usable. They have just bypassed, not only wasted time and money, but undue discouragement, frustration, and let down.

The 2% mentality looks at general spending habits of society and realizes that while the majority is spending their money as fast as they can get it on a lot of stuff that isn't truly essential to staying alive rather than spending and investing... they realize that it is in the spending and investing that they will be able to be financially free when the majority will not. Once they are financially free... THEN they can spend a little extra cash on the new big TV, nicer car or bigger house.

Even with those endeavoring to live the work from home life, 98 and 2% are very real. 98% will try to act like they have what it takes and continue to live their lives just like the rest of the 98% of the world that will be dead or dead broke by the age of 65. Only 2% of those who work from home will do what it takes to make the personal changes in their life, character, habits, skill and perspective to achieve the levels of success that 2% achieve.

Success in ANYTHING is NOT discriminatory!!! Success IS available to anyone who is willing to do what it takes... even if that means going against the flow of the majority and doing things different!

We had a great friend and mentor tell us to look at what everyone else was doing and do the exact opposite. Guess what... SHE WAS RIGHT!!! That little phrase has kept us going in the right direction and learning a new level of awareness to what it takes to be successful. And we use it EVERY DAY to INCREASE the levels of our SUCCESS!!!


Chase & Jeremie

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